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Why Adhesive

Our adhesive mats are premium mats supplied by AVMC. They come in various shapes and sizes, designed to fit your actual needs.

Adhesive mats are mostly used in industry, laboratories, hospitals, nuclear industries – in all the places where the demand on hygiene and cleanliness is very high. They are not harmful in any way, in fact, they are anti-bacterial, and they have ISO certification.

of our Adhesive Mats

Adhesive Mats are extra sticky and extra thin. They can be adhesed to any kind of surface. They can also come with optional anti-static treatment, that makes the adhesiveness even more efficient. All of our adhesive mats, all shapes and sizes, share those unique qualities.

Maintenance of our adhesive mats is really easy as well – because of their extra stickiness, they do not have to be glued or adhesed to surfaces more than once. Adhesive Mats apply the highest possible industry standards for their development, which results in an incredible level of adhesiveness.


In the picture we can see hands wearing blue gloves, these hands are adhesing a mat on the ground.

Rubber Frames
for Adhesive Mats

To make our adhesive mats even more efficient, we offer our customers rubber frames designed to make adhesive mats movable. So even though our mat is very strongly adhesed to a certain surface, you can move it altogether without tearing it off the surface.

Thanks to their adhesiveness, it is also very easy to clean your shoes, whenever you walk over them. Rubber Frames can be easily used even in environments where there is not possible to adhese the mats to the floor or ground.


In the picture there is a man who is bent down and he is dragging an adhesive mat in a rubber frame.

Sticky Mat Properties


Our mats are CE certified and are very effective if used properly (meaning layers are peeled whenever needed). Our mats have a special system of removing dust and impurities in five steps.


Adhesive mats are ISO certified, which means that they were certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 norms. Adhesive mats surpass the world quality standards.


Anti-bacterial treatment of our adhesive mats is a must. Adhesive mats can be commonly used in medical environments such as hospitals, laboratories, ER rooms and others.


Sticky mat's quality is important for its perfect function. The development of our sticky mats is a very careful process. Our mats offer extra stickiness and they are very effective in dust removal. Our mats are super thin, which helps during the installation process.


We offer you custom branding that will suit your needs.


AVMC sticky mats do not hazard with anyone's health, which is why they can be even used in intensive care units.


Sticky mats are popular in server rooms and data centres, because they can prevent dust. That is why we offer an optional anti-static ESD treatment for all colours and sizes of our sticky mats.

"Adhesive mats are unbelievably easy to install and use. Thank you so much for your product."

— Our satisfied customer